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Is your website getting the needed attention, a web site's sole purpose is bringing the company's services more nearer to the customers expectations. Digital Internet Marketing (affordable seo services) these days is quite synonymous with search engines; one cannot imagine a day surfing internet without these search engines. Search engines plays a vital role in providing users with the information a user is looking for. A search engine displays ten search results in a page and rest in the consecutive pages. So the search results of the first page assumes greater importance, as the online user is most likely to be sticking to the top ten search results owing to time constraints etc. So a website which is featuring in the top ten search results of search engines like google or yahoo the chances are that it is most likely to get the best quality seo traffic to the website. The chances are that a casual online visitor could be a potential online customer.

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While users who know what they are looking for, will directly open the sites they are looking for, but for users who seek guidance would naturally look for search engines to get the information they are looking for, if internet is central in today's lifestyle then search engines are central to internet surfing. Study says that a great amount of organic traffic to websites comes from search engines; either it could be for information, buying products or availing services whatever the case may be search engines are indispensible.

Now the question is does a website gets featured in the top ten results by sheer miracle or just by luck. Well the answer is a website doesn't need a miracle or luck to get featured in the google top ten search results, all a website needs to be is search engine friendly. A website can be search engine friendly by the virtue of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a methodology where in a series of organic and ethical SEO tactics and strategies are deployed both on page and off page to enabling a website to attain a slot in all top ten search engine pages.