Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A top ranking in the major search engines is something every business on internet aims to achieve. When we design a site, we ensure the website is optimized for search engines, Google needs special mention, since much of the web traffic comes from it. And this process is termed as Search Engine Optimization. For a site to gain high ranking in the search engine results, its important to have good quality links, the more the quality links the higher is the ranking in the search engines. This is an ongoing activity and this we will be providing you as a service at affordable price..

We will prepare all the following for each web page on your website
Meta Tags Preparation.
Keywords Placements
Title Preparation.
Image ALT Tags.
Robot File Preparation.
Page Name Changes. Title description for TABLES.
Sitemap.XML preparation.
Cross checking Links.
100% HTML or XHTML validations.
100% CSS validations.
Client needs to provide initial KEYWORDS for his business so that we can collect other relevant KEYWORDS based on our experience and research.